Friday, January 30, 2009

Absolutely Nobody

He wanted to be a nobody. In 1992, a Settle man running for the office of Washington State's lieutenant governor legally changed his name to 'Absolutely Nobody.' As he entered the race, he said he wanted to greet the voters, saying, "Hi, I'm Absolutely Nobody. Vote for me." He later admited that the purpose of his campaign was to abolish the office of lieutenant governor.
This man used a name as a gimmick, but the Bible has alot to say to those of us who present ourselves to others as nobody. The right kind of humility is healthy. The songwriters of Israel knew how impt it is to see our foolishness apart from God. Jesus Himself showed us that without God we wont accomplish anything of lasting value.
But we read a warning inthe story of Moses. There's a downside to insisting that we are 'nobody' if it is to avoid doing what God commands. Our motives make us into somebody who resists the loving purpose of God.
We may treat ourselves or others as having no worth. But remember, God doesnt make nobodies. Like Moses, if we surrender to God, we can do anything God wants us to do. In His strength.

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