Monday, January 19, 2009


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Milky said...

Hi, Meng Qi..
I am from Hong Kong, I learnt about your story from GoodTV in youTube, I was so much amazed by the changes in your family made by God. I appreciate your pure faith in Lord,,yea,,just like what you said in the show "上帝會給你最好的".
Then, I have been checking out your songs and found this blog. Your song were beautifully written and i really like them.
I bookmark this blog and come here whenever i wanna play your music. hope you dun mind, because i still cant find your album here in Hong Kong.

Someone is mocking you? and saying non-sense to you? dun even bother getting upset, because you know who you are and God truely does.

Jia You!! Fighting!!

All the best!!