Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is life..

Today, I thought I did something new.. Something I have never really tried. A piece of music with a different touch. To bring in the minors into the mojor.. A lift of hope.. Pray that this song '加哟‘ will be a hit.

Thank God, my dad is back at home. With his closure episode. He has to be on medication for 2 months. Hows that.. Oh well, the great miracle that he get to come home so soon. I still rememebered, when I was in Taiwan, my sister told me how crude the young doctor was commenting on how many patients just pass away in his situation. To be honest, Jesus was good. My sister and mum were wise to be holding onto nothing but the word of God.

Sometimes, I thought to myself. How much faith we have in God shows clearly what we do and react to situations. Logically or not, thats not really the point. Oh well, many say, a wise man maybe too wise to believe in anything but himself.

I must say, I am just greatful for the people around me. The lifestyle, the people, the stories, the miracles.. and most importantly, God.

Thank you sister Charlotte.. Even though U might not want me to mention ur name much.. Well, I cannot say enough.. Because God gave me u. God gave me Love of a mama in Taiwan..

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