Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So finally, its a closure. Someone once told me, his lover will always be there. Will never ever leave him. Will be faithful and truthful..
Someone said, she is the one and only.. the one who will never ever let go..

Sometimes, or should I say, most of the time, we human are blinded by love. Or is it loneliness. Afterall, actions speaks louder than words. Oh well, I guess if it happens to me, I can only pray and thank God for every experience.

Recently, things happened. I was being given 2 contracts I turned. (outside one.. not Christian one)
Recently, my dad had to stay in hospital due to a minor heart attack.
Recently, recently, recently.

Praise God, today, the doctor say he can come back on Thursday. Thanks guys.. I know u prayed and Praying is the key to doors.

May the Lord show us all how e can be in favour. May the Lord give my family n friends devine health.

As some know, I just came back from Taiwan. My stay there was fruitful indeed. I have learnt alot and I have learnt that nothing is impossible with Him. I see people truely love and change. I see people hanging onto something they have always believed in.. I see lives with hope. Faith..

Lord my God. How much can we do if it was not because of You. Make me a better person everyday..

I sometimes feel that I am so funny.. So out of control. It is me indeed. A sister in Christ say something to me.. Just be yourself. Stay strong in the Lord.. Let words be words.. Only you know u are special in God's eyes..

I read an sms.. It goes.............. Hagen.. thank you for everything..
it goes, you made me feel that its all worth it.
it goes, I feel such pleasure to have worked with you. From recording to the show. And V was like saying how when he was praying he felt so sad that ur leaving and we might never perform together again. He cried hard and I was like..... me too..
It goes, this experience is just fantastic..

Jesus............. Only You can set things right.. Show me Your ways.. Show me my path..

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