Monday, June 15, 2009

The taking of Pelham 123

Today, I went to watch this movie (as shown on the title) too long to type manz.. Anyway, I didn't fall asleep, but it was slow in some sense..
The bottom line of the story was really about 2 people from different worlds connecting in such a way they were telling their own stories and secrets.
I thought it was really clever how different people aim for different things, be it big or small. The main focus was acceptance. It is like, we human always try so hard to be accepted in many ways. When we do wrong, we probably need something bigger to help redeem ourselves just to gain back some trusts..

Sometimes you wonder, is life really what it tells you to be? Who is truly right or wrong. Who gives you the key to people's hearts and who tells the truth..?
Oh well, personally, movies to me were just a medium to past time. Now, it is something I felt movie makers are trying to tell of the world. Be it good or bad, true or false, which would you prefer.. To believe or not..

I guess you know my answer.. Jesus is always the key as HE never fails to tell the Truth..

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