Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't be a joke

Some people are just a joke.. Don't u think so? I thought about it.. people are usually lonely. That's why, we need God to help us. People are usually uncontrollable, that's why we need God. We say things we don't mean, we hurt people and that's why we need God. We make comments about others, that's why we need God.

So, what God gets? All the shxx? Anyways, the worst part is, when we don't really know that we are in the wrong and still continue.. And even better, we don't have Jesus as our savior.

I met someone recently, not too long ago. He shared to me about his life with his gf. Saying how he wishes to be faithful and stay with that person and that person only as she is the one and only. He said it like as if he was so sure like he was the weather man reporting his everyday news. And in the end, he came up with all his reasons forgoing his love. The funny part is, he fell for another in 1 day. Don't u think its a joke? Whoever who takes him seriously would think not just twice but 3 4 5 times.. Sometimes, I really feel for people like that. They complain and complain. Never happy, never contented. Blaming on others, Making a fuss out of small stuff. But what comes out of them, is simply grief and greed. They get jealous of others and they judge. Then they make it sound like they are the victims of everything that had happened. Oh well, the thing is, people need to know how to give, but first, learn to trust urself. To love urself. To understand that life is about learning, not just giving up. Mentality is so impt. What will happen to the next relationship.. Well, it won't be long, I am so sure..

My friend, another girl. Such a wonderful personality, capable, but lonely. Always falling for the wrong guy. She never learns. So she say, if he don't like me, why he say that, and this, and that and that....... Don't u know that people say things and don't really remember what they have said? People say things only because they felt like saying? Who can be so real like family. To say and act it out. Even family might go wrong because of money or fame or anything under the bright blue sky..

Sometimes, if we already have our own answers behind, why ask.. no point.. Just learn.. Guard ourselves. It's only natural to understand that things happen for a reason.. Living in denial will not bring u too far as the TRUTH will set you free. Only Jesus can help you.. I can only be ur friend to support. The difference between judging and guarding is, when you judge, facts might be there, but truth is not. Guarding is just simply a motion you need to have before something bad happens. Prevention is better than cure.. Isn't it..


.lalang. said...

nice reminder here.. (:

candy said...

it's true. life is also abt learning and enduring. not complaining. i m still learning. to enjoy every second of my life. cos after all i realised that god really loves me and gives me life. so we shud really learn to treasure our life. =)