Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I cant believe it myself

This is a really amazing day for me.. First, I was thinking of what I have missed putting into my lauggage, then, as I thought I was all prepared, I missed my flight.. Indeed, 12.25, I thought it as 12.45. Anyways it was quite funny, I told 5 friends and all laughed so guys, dont hesistate to laugh too .

I walked slowly, thinking that I had so much time, I reached the gate at 12.40 which I was wondering, why are all the entrances blocked.. I walked right in and saw the plane took off.

Anyways, I was in the Terminal for more than 2 hours and it felt like prison. My poor buddy was waiting for me outside. So nice of him to pick me.. (also, thanks to my dear sister lynn too, looking nice and all waiting to pass me my ....)

So what did I do today..

So much, So happening.. Tired! Oh well.. Pray hard I am not so blurr tomorrow..


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