Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Grow...

So what did you do today?

I went out for lunch with Chris, Jere and Matt. We walked to Loyang Point.
After so long, this is probably the first time I am walking under the sun for SO LONG. Anyways, it does bring back much memories. When I was young, I walked from my primary school back to my mum;s salon once because I did not have money on me to go home.

We hanged out at the pool. Finally, Jere has surrendered his blue float. Brought to my house to use the pump for the blow up. Very kind of him... ever so kind.

So, I was suppose to go gym then after with Matt, but realise I was too tired after the beautiful sun shining on my dark tan skin for 2 hours. I fell asleep.

It was their dad's birthday, great sons... invited me to swensens with them but I decided it is a family thing and I went dinner with my friend.

We went to Kembangan to eat.. guys, if you wanna eat great steam fish.. thats the place man..

Went Ikea after, got myself a new lamp as the old one was broken.

Came back, and we hanged out at the shelter downstairs..

Well, how did your day went? What did you do?

Today, I was just reflecting... I wondered, what took us so long to realise certain things.. Is life just all about the things revolving around us? U know, watching people talk, react, you can actually tell how they are being brought up. Sometimes, if we were being hit or scolded when we were younger, is it a good or bad thing? What would we grow up to be..

I was watching my friend. Everything he say ends with optimisim. Then I wonder, am I like that? Are we like this? Or what ever happens, we expect the worst. Should life be taken lightly or somuch stress that we cannot breadth.

Let life be full of happiness. True happiness so that we may not fall into depression. Let great friends be your support and ur family the guide. Let God lead so we may walk His way to eternal life...

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