Sunday, February 15, 2009


SO many people so many places. So much to do, so little time. So busy, cant take time off. But all these we've heard them all. What is true and what not. Someone was drinking, broke the glass table, on valentines day itself. What crosses your mind? Wife ran away with another man? Gf was not into the relationship rather, just his money?
When do we say stop to our own feelings. Is it wrong to feel for someone? Then I thought.... there is no right, nor wrong. It is just where n when, who and how much have you experienced. But is it good to experience so much? How can one enjoy then? When fear is always there to kidnap your emotions to let go. So who do we go to? Your hiding place? Did someone hurt you somehow? Have you hurt anyone?

So, someone did something really bad to me. I wondered, if one can be so unprofessional, only saying things to make you feel you are impt when they need you in one way or the other, throw you aside and disappear in no time after. What is left is only an experience. But will we truely learn...

Then, someone said, trust me... I will.......... will you ever learn to trust again?

How many people in this world thinks of others before themselves?

Being in the entertainment, is it only a game? Or its a profession. So if you ask me, I write songs. When there is no real feelings put in, what comes out is only a piece of art wrk. Who can be touched is only those who are being deceived. And I choose to put heart.. And then what?

Know why people climb over u? Because they know they can make use of you. They think you are stupid. They think they can do what ever they want since it is so easy... But in the end, will they be happy? Just wait, when the emotion of guilt crawls to you,

So, some people only write to spike others. I wonder what happened to their childhood. Many of times, I choose to be quiet, not because I am stupid, I dont think it is necessary to explain. For what to explain to people who already has their own answer firmly backing their ignorance. It's ok I always say... even not, I will say so. My pastor always say, do something you formally could not do. When you are sick, stand firn. When you are weak, act strong.. So is it right or wrong? I would choose to say, it is a great encouragment to oneself. And if we ourselves do not trust that we can make it, who will?

Its forceful when you stress, it is beautiful when you keep your cool.

Afterall, the sour will always fight to safe their own faces... Dont you know, only the wicked can climb fast high to the top.

Who would you want to be?

Brave-Jennifer Lopez

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