Friday, February 27, 2009

Back In Taiwan

So what did I do... I slept at 2, woke up at 4am... thinking that it was 5.45am. Did that a few times and then I fell asleep. Ring Ring, a call from Jerry. "Woke up already?" he said. I was obviously not very awake but I had to cos my flight was at 8.05am and I haven't even fully packed. I went to the toilet and the phone rang again.. Again he said, "woke up already?!" (have you ever wondered, if I went back to sleep, and he didn't call, what would happen.") He's so nice.

I was packing like mad, with the help of Wani. Finally, we(jerry and I) left for the airport. Took the skytrain from T1 to T2 for Burger King's Breakfast. Luckily we had the breakfast with 1 sausage and 1 bacon. The sausage sucked! Just like my spelling.. lol.

Then, my other dear brother sent a message to Jerry, ".....why you didn't you wake me up!" It was so funny but so sweet. Have you ever had friends who really care for your life at any point.I am grateful I have you...

On the plane, I was seated in a row with 3 other guys. Anyways, I was flipping here n there, so tired but so restless. When I woke up, the one sitting right beside me asked, "Do you have a pen?". Then the other asked me, "What do you write here?"....(on the immigration slip)

One said, "family name you write what huh?"... his friend looked at him and he said, "I write my father's name.."

After awhile, he asked, "Are you taiwanese?" ....Then he asked, "what do you work as?" I replied that I was a composer. He said, "Are you a star..?" (the other excitedly said) "What's your name?" I said "Hagen". "Chen Meng Qi!" he exclaimed (the one beside me, lets call him Tan) "Oh oh, I know, the one on the bus..."

Don't you find it great when you meet people around who are nice and fun..

I reached Taiwan and took a cab. Took me about 2 hours to reach home. Did gym and then met sister Charlotte. (in between, too tired now to type, hand pain) Anyways first thing she said was, why so dark? wahahahahahahaa yup! I'm malay.. NOT. (I m not racist k)

We went to get my gym gloves as I cleverly forgotten them, and we went to eat.
On the way back, (THIS IS THE FUNNY PART) We walked down the stairs to the train station and PIAK! (sister Charlotte's paper bag tore and all my albums for tomorrow's performance fell to the floor.) SHIT! what I do.. I naturally looked to the floor and helped her pick them up.. OMG can u believe it.. It was so damm funny lah..

Then, when we reach the station to alight, the escalator broke down..

What a beautiful day.. My first day in Taiwan ...

I love you Lord

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Enjoy your trip.