Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I went to collect the t I altered. The lady was awfully nice to wanna not charge me. Then again, business is still business. She offered, I still paid. What would you do?

As I walking along the escalator, "Hagen"... my friend called me. He was at the opp side, came down again just to talk a little with me. Now, he goes to City Harvest. Praise God. Then I continued walking towards the gym. Tab tab, I turned. Some lady ask, are you Hagen. I said yes. She said, you changed alot.. heard you music. Loved your christian album...Can I have your number...

Then I walked again... A chinese lady stopped me, she gave me a name card. It says scouting talents..... Indeed, I am being scouted Praise God.. Anyways... yup...

I reached the gym. I saw a long time friend, my oh my.... looking good as ever.

In the evening, I met up my sister. We went to watch Ben Button. A movie anyone who does not know how to appreciate people and life, people who are so caught up with themselves and not know what truely loving someone, or responsibility should definitely watch.

The truth about life.. the difficulties and hurt... the stress and importance...
And now I know for sure, why I am different.. My mother always tells me that.

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