Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today was really busy but fun.. It was raining.. and as I was crossing to the other side of a building, though there was a shelter, the rain was too heavy and wind was blowing to one side. Never will u be able to walk pass without getting wet.. Then I was just telling my friend.. 'how to cross like that!!' A little 'loud' voice said... 'run across lah! so easy'. YES! indeed, This little boy above.. I cant really remember his name clearly, but its .. Chia something.. Josh.
I asked him.. wow how to run pass without getting wet! He said, just run! R U A N... huh!! OH..... NO NO, R U N!!! I said but the rain is too big.. He said.. Hai Yo.. Just run lah!!! So I said, U show me! He got down from his bicycle and started.. I told him to be careful.. So he ran over and back. Looking really happy, I said:"didnt ur mum teach u not to talk to strangers!" He said.. NO.. I mean, YEAH!!!! So I said, then why r u talking to me.. He said.. cos your bag is expensive one! Cost 1k right!

Then I was talking to this lady at the lab.. I said.. U look like my mum's sister. She said, is young or old.. I dont wanna look old..

Its really interesting how people react when u least expect..
Well, I guess, everyone's focus is different. Indeed.

I am happy with my life because You completed it.. God is good. all the time.. and all the time... God is good....

Question.. 小叮当的underwear 什么颜色? listen to his song .. make a guess..
Answer... la la la la la la la ... got one part.. Ang Ang Ang.. dor de o ah ee su ki.. doraemommmmmm...
Ang= RED

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Kenrick said...

Your note just reminds me to share with you a movie I recently watched, Echoes of the Rainbow. It's a story about the old Hong Kong and love of missing neighbourhood.