Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cloverfield For You..

Kelvin, I really must salute to you!
Can u imagine urself folding all these! To be able to fold each and everyone and then create these sculptured looking objects. For one, I might be able to do it but I will not want to do it.. The thought of it just tires me.
Many of us probably are like that. Before even wanting to do something, we already judged ourselves, the whole journey, the time spent.. etc. When was the last time you actually did something meaningful without a teacher or boss asking u to. Or your parents as a matter of fact. Anyways. I went to Kel's exhibition yesterday, It was truely impressive. The amount of time and effort is probably the last thing he thought. It was his aim that made him go on. His dream, PASSION.. that never dies. I m impressed. Very..
Its at ILLUMA..
Do you know whats the meaning of these leafs....

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