Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sometimes, doing nothing is good. Do you get tired easily? Or restless? When u are not working, would u pick up a pen to write a diary, call a friend or just feel like going out, or lying in bed..

Busy.. What is that..
I guess, when we are in it. We tend to go on and on without thinking how far we can go or reach. What is our goal. Our aim. Living our dream or others...

What is our purpose in life..

Is it to make an impact or to be impacted. (is that a word)
Anyways, I am happy for what has happened these few weeks. Felt like months but it was great. Thank God, dad's leg was swollen, and now, its better.
Pastor Rony is good too cos God is with him. Like I've said, we are all human beings, and maybe to him, he not know much about things like 'gays'... what ever it is, there is no need to be so worked up over small things. Believe what u want to believe in.. Trust in the right source.. Cos afterall, its a free world. Why try to change the world when u cant even change urself.

What is the hardest word to you.. Some say ' I LOVE YOU '.. some say, 'sorry'.. Well, to me, its more of saying and meanting it..
I find it hard to see sincerity, I find it even harder now a days cos everyone is getting smarter, wiser (not sure the right side or ) .. and if it was all just a show or not.

Do you feel so?

Or am I growing faster even many havent seen it yet.

Anyways. deceptions... thats bad!

Conclusion.. Be yourself.. Believe in yourself.. Love yourself.. Make yourself a temple for God.. so that no words can come to you..

Jesus loves everyone.. not just the holy...

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