Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prevention is better than Cure

So its a world we are living now a Smart one. People are getting better n better at preventing things from happening. We start to look out for things that are new, people who r weird, the surroundings and all. But, is this good? Is it right?!

The sad thing is, not everyone knows when and how to be smart.. We try so hard and we act smart. Isn't it true? I have come across people who are really really scaptical about almost anything. They don't trust people, not even their own kind. I've met people who are totally ignorrent about stuff.. People whom they shouldn't believe they trust and otherwise..

So when should we and should not..

If you ask me, I believe in Time. Time can tell alot.. Many of times.. I have been hurt myself. People who said they promise things but never delivers.. And I mean NEVER. People who claims to stay but they go away..

So what do we do? Close our hearts? Prevention? Or what...

After some little experiences, I realised that people tnd to be impatient.. When we do not wait, we make mistakes. Some may say that when it is time, grab the chance.. But hey, it should not be everything. There is no such thing in this world as white and black. Life should be and is full of colors.. We should know and learn how to watch, and listen. To let go and forgive.

Being judgmental is one big lesson I have learnt and still learning to change.. To be able to guard ones feelings but still able to watch..

What have we learnt....

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