Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No one said it was easy..

Its not easy I know.. To be focusing on God and letting go. To be letting God do His part where you pray until something happens(PUSH) but have you realised, God has His own timing..

Someone once said this to me,
do u feel that people are constantly changing..
with the changes they had can really affect u..
i feel it's very scary when ppl change from gd to bad and treat u totally different in just a few weeks.....

How would u answer to this..

I am someone who takes almost everything seriously. Sometimes too serious that many things affects me so much more than others. So, is this a good thing or bad.

I had people hurting me and saying nasty things about me.. I had them playing tricks with me and treated me like a game, a piece of shit, even, a tool for them to earn their bucks.

When someone changes, what do u do..

Indeed, it is hard to forgive them, it is hard to stand in their shoes. But what difference do we have from them if we dont change ourselves. God is a good God. He will never forsake us nor leave us. This is not from me, but the bible. Which means, truth is larger than FACT. To learn that they will have to face God one day and we need to TRUST in Him TOTALLY.

People changes, no matter how much they denine.. Be it good or bad.. I pray that we will not change to the worse due to bad experiences. Learn from them and change.. To the better. To learn to focus on the right things and people.. Live is too short to prevent over nothing and get urself depressed.. Come on.. I m serious..

Treasure what you have and the blessing He has given you.. Learn to be contented and learn to give. Taking is only natural, but giving is utra-special....

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