Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living by the word of God.

So I am back to Taiwan. 21st of May already. Indeed time flies... So what have we done.. for ourselves. for God. for others..

I could still remember the moaning Hagen on the first 2 days.. The heat in Taiwan is very much different from Singapore. Hot.. Sticky.. and very hard to breadth.. Anyways.. Thank God. Sister Charlotte was very kind to have my room fixed with the aircon..

Brother Jia Fu was so funny. One day.. he went to work. I came out of the house after. Never did I know that when I was sitting on the Train, he was just right opp me.. Giving me a big smile..
Then, one day, in the morning again, I woke up. and not knowing that anyone was home, I said to myself.. Hot! Taiwan's Summer does not suit me.. and then he appeared suddenly.. Moral of the story... 永远都在。。。

So Sunday morning, I went to New Life to share and sang 决定 and 世上只有妈妈好。。 I saw Pastor Jenny, Pastor Ku, Sister Kanni, Bro Matt and many more..

It felt like home.. a feeling that's like I have not seen them after so long.. Bro Matt felt different.. Like he has changed to become a better man.. Someone I could talk to .. Someone with a soft spirit..

People were helpful.. and I am gratful....

I went to many other churches too.. Thanks to Sister Ying Chun. brought us to her church to share to 200-300 of their youth.. I did something which was quite funny.. In the middle of the sharing, I got everyone to sing happy birthday to Sister Charlotte.. She had no choice but to stand up.. It was great to feel the feeling of many celebrating with u..

So, the FAITH album from New Life is out soon.. We were suppose to get everything done today. But due to a few changes, the recordings will be continued on sat.. It was a great opportunity, Matt did the arrangement, I wrote the Melody and a Sister(from Emag) before, edited the lyrics. So, we have many singers singing this song.. Above all, I met many great people of God.

U know, after so long of my life, I have realised something. Human are made so special.. We usually close our doors.. to many things not even ourselves know.. We do things with the firmilar spirit.. We walk in a certain way and act in a certain way. We tell ourselves to believe in a certain kind and focus on it..
God is good, He creates and changes. He open doors when you least expect.. So then, the bible says that we should not judge or we will be judged. Haven we learnt that already..

My friend once asked me, why must we have exams in school.. I guess the normal answer is, it gives us the kick to motivate us to remember and put to heart what we have learnt..?!

Ps Mike had 2 days of seminor for the few people.. he talked about sex before marriage.. He talked about how when 2 people are sexually bonded, they will share certain feelings and spirits..
The fact that it is a very different sin compared to any other. That anyone who has done it. these thoughts will ring in their minds. That if we were to let them in, we will start sinning against our other half..

What striked me was what he said after.. That we need to cut the thought completely even before we let it get to us..

I have had this realisation a few years back.. What ever it maybe doesnt even have to be just this sin.. Just any other.. Anything that is ungodly or rubbish.. do we swollow or we reject..........
Would you eat a fish including the teeth, bones and scales...

Living a Godly life sounds so poetic.. Is it easy? Let Him guide.. Jesus is love...

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wang said...

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