Saturday, May 23, 2009

Accepting and Changing..

I want to learn to change. I want to learn to not talk too much.

Sometimes, it is much easier to say than done..

We walk our lives in a way we choose to .. We say the things we feel its right to.. Even when it is wrong, we might still say..

Sometimes, things happen not because we want to, people seem like fools when they start letting emotions get to us..

So what kinda person r u ..

Today, it is a great day. At least to me. I am happy I realised something new.. I am happy I have beautiful people around me to help and protect.. I have made new friends. Great people of God.
So, one might say. what is great people.. To me, someone who is truely sincere and at least try his/her best to work things out..

Life is full of surprises.. I thank God I have You.. I love You Jesus

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