Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Giving.

It's Thanksgiving this Thursday... So interesting to be celebrating it in Taiwan.

Last Sunday, as we were in church, the senior pastor was out of town. His wife took over the mic. It was about giving thanks to the people around us. She then said, go to the people who you want to thank... I did. Then, I saw this lady, my friend's mother. She was really nice, going around the hall thanking the many people she wanted to thank. Then, in her eyes, I saw something. Something she crave for.. Then, the Lord prompted me to ask my friend(her son) to go over. It took him so long to do it. So, I went over to drag him over. As they hugged, the feeling watching a mother and son hugging was so intense. U are great, Jesus

Today was great. I went to Yuan Dong radio station. Supposingly, I was going to do 2 shows, in the end, it was 3. It was fun. The Deejays were nice.

I want to thank God for the many people who are helping me to shine for God. Sister Charlotte, Carol.... Eric.. and many more..

Thank you guys for reading my blog too.. everyday, if not, sometimes. May the Lord lead and guide us everyday... I love u guys..

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