Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is it True?

Is it true that we humans like to feel a sense of longing but enjoy the feeling of hoping? Why does it have to be this way? Why cant it go on? Why must I be the one? Why this why that... Are they familiar?

So they say, the more you cannot have something or someone, u crave and desire even more.. Just like the forbidden fruit?

I must say, after so many years of my life, it is indeed true in someways. But why? Why should happily ever afters only happen in fairy tales?

Oh well, I guess its only when u have and lost it, you will feel more, the pain, the grief? So when someone cares alot for u and one day disappear, will you ever miss it? Will you think it is just an experience?

Maybe I am getting older. What I seek is longing.. not prolonging.. Why try to hide when u can shine?

Anyways, it's a lesson I think everyone must learn. To learn to love and not just receive. To learn to touch, and not just to feel. Learn because life is simply a journey....

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