Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sometimes, a little gesture can be more affective than a whole speech dont u think so...
I have been in this world enough to say, no matter where we go, or what we do, we humans, are quite very connected. When we were younger, we do childish things. Sometimes, when we dislike something or someone, we are very quick in acting up. We tend to tell ourselves. This is the last time I am going to have any contact with this person. I will never ever wan to see him again. I hate this, hate that. I cant stand the way she talks. I cannot even understand why is this person living in this world.
Sounds firmilar..
Oh well, human are human. There is no right nor wrong in many things. Its about what we have experienced and learnt along the way isnt it. Making mistakes is indeed a part and parcel of life.
Many at times, I would look back and reflect. Then I would think. Oh gosh, how could I have done that. Why would I even think that way and reacted accordingly to foolishness.
Anyways, as we grow older, we will still make mistakes, BUT this time, hopefully lesser, learning to deal with things more maturally. Knowing what to say and what not to say at certain times.

Few days ago, I received a pleasently surprise. My dear sister in Christ gave me this bear. Showing appreciation as she said she was grateful of the many things I have taught her and also, the few gifts received. Indeed. Who diesnt like to be appreciated. I for one get touched alot. This is a connection. A good one.

Yesterday, someone pressed my home bell twice. It is not common as most of the people I know be it family or friends would be working. My sister opened the door and it was Mcdonalds. The delievery man brought a fillet o fish meal and a cup of corn. For a moment, no one knew who was it for as none of us did an order with Mc. Oh... was about an hour ago. My dearest friend sent me a message asking me, :' so .. what do you wanna eat from mc tonight?' As we were suppose to meet, I didnt thought much so I said, well, I will have to sing in KL this sat and sunday so anything fried wont be good. But if I had to choose, it would be McChicken, Double Cheese or Fillet. Of course, the fish is the healtiest.
Obviously, the Mc for dinner was only a prank so that I would be surprised. How sweet. I love surprises.. So in the night, Japanese was on me.

Is life just 'IT'? Should we let ourselves go sometimes to think out of the box? When was the last time u really cared for your loved ones.. Have you tried brightening their lives up? Some may say, but I dont really know what to do or give. Well, it is time to try to get to know someone better right? Whats the point of just living in a selfish world with oneself always the centre of attraction.

Quote of the DAY.. Do something you have never done before. To give, is good. But to give someone something they LIKE! is even better.

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