Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knowing Youself.

What do you want..
Hows ur day so far..

Have u ever thought of what you want and what u need clearly?

Sometimes, people including me, would say to someone else. hey, u think too much.. Dont think too much.. But can we really do it? Or is it a supressed emotion which may explode someday.
What is the best way to be happy?
To not expect.
Can you do that. To give without any expectations and not feeling used or judged.

I came to a simple conclusion. Focusing on the good is always better than the bad. Doesnt mean that we doing that, the bad will go away forever. It just shows how strong a person you are controlling the mind. Making sure of what you want to feel and happen in your life.

As its said, whatever is in your mind most, would show what kinda person you are. It may not be so obvious to oneself, but it is clearly shown to others. can we call it 'the vibes'..

So, going back to thinking too much. When was the last time you really think.. To think for your family, your loved ones, yourself(NOT selfishly)..
When was the last time you had a beautiful dream. When was the last time you felt life is not 'dreamland' but great things thats happening in real. Do you believe that great things WILL happen to you?

A few things here would help us grow and move the right way.

1 Looking at the bright side.
The difference between not thinking at all, and the difference between thinking enough to know the consequences is, that one has no ability to guard his/her heart and going blindly. The other would have an understanding of how much damage might be done and they are prepared to take that risk while moving in a journey with optimism.

2 Be TRUE to yourself.
It doesnt seem hard to feel upset when something bad happens. What should we do then? Act happy? Like they say, 'open one eye and close the other?' Live in deniel?
I have been there done that enough to say, yes, they help, just tempelorily... But what the best way is, to be brave and face the reality. To realise that being true can solve any problems as the bible says, Truth will set you Free... Havent you heard. Truth hurts. BUT Lies KILLS.

3 Knowing your Limits.
Now, this is a very sensitive topic. NIKE says, JUST DO IT. ADDIDAS says, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. TISSOT says, ITs MORE THAN A WATCH, others say, IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.
Many people now a days have the mentality that everyone is expending, so we JUST DO IT too. Be it in business, money, bags, watches we want, houses, etc.. and even the gfs/bfs in a single time, afterall, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.
Have you ever been in a place and it is full of people that you cannot breadth, have your shoes turned black, feeling sweaty and still having to rub against others' swear n so on? Is that better than having enough people but still having good space to relax and enjoy!
Knowing our limits is not something others can teach or tell you. This is called self realisation. To be able to guard urself before getting into trouble.
Mind you, I did not say expending is bad. It is always good to have a big dream. The question is, are you or not aware that whatever you believe in is worthdy for you. Are you set to strive and let go of what you have now. Because we will never know what the future can give, but everything takes time and foundation MUST be built on solid grounds. One cannot have 2 sides of the world. When you know your limits, you will be able to be the best, in ur best without having to try catch your breadth.

4 Listen to your Heart.
People like to hear only the things they like to listen to. The advertisers are not made big for nothing you know! When a slogen or a quote is being approved, it does not mean it is totally right, or wrong in all context. Human is being made in such special ways that if 10 people did exactly the same thing, there bound to be similarities but NEVER 100% the same. Come on, give God His credit. Even a twin brother will never be the same all the time.
So, as people are different, we think differently, act differently, and therefore, how can we be sure who to trust and what to believe. Listen to your heart. Only when you know how to do that, u will know what is good for you.

5 Think before we say or do.
It is very important to think before we say or do anything. Baby, I love you. I promise you that I will never leave you. You are the one and only and I will be there for you whenever you call my name. Sweet talking or real?
See, no one likes listening to ugliness. Everything is being packaged. U have books teaching you how to manage your love ones, your bosses, your clients etc. And who said they were bad. I believe that those who came up with the books probably had those problems before and wanted to help. Its those who made knowledge into weapons hurt others' feelings with it. We are not just talking about love here. In situation we are in, seriously, if you dont think you can do it, dont say it.

6 Be responsible.
You know why more and more people are sick? This has nothing to do with the body alone. It is mostly because the heart of one, is ill. People are learning to give lesser and lesser and they expect to gain most while giving peanuts. How many times would you meet someone who doesnt mind giving. Of course, that person would have learnt that giving is receiving and because of that, been blessed enough so that they can give to others.
Worse, many people say things they dont deliever. Bosses PROMISED you a pay rise. He promised a promotion which never comes. Mummy promised me too buy me a toy car. Dad promised to come home for dinner. My son promised not to smoke again. She said she was going to be here by 3pm. I thought he said he is going to love me and be faithful...

This has nothing to do with luck. Its the mentality.
People who are responsible tend to get affected a little more and when trust is gone. Its really no point hanging on. Then people drift. They loose faith. Those that move on moved. Those who cant, get sick, tired, jaded.
So, what are you?

7 Stay Closely to the ones that you love and loves you
Is it hard? Of course. If we are those that never are contented. Always looking for something new. Cant decide. Cant make up our minds. Dont know what we want. Always serching for something that we think is better.
Someone once told me, if you keep changing churches, you will never stop. Its like if you keep changing partners, have u ever thought about it, the problem doesnt lie on them, its you.
When was the last time we had dinner with someone we loved. (NOT by FORCE!) When was the last time we treated our wifes to something she wanted. (NOT by FORCE) When was the last time we told ourselves, that we wan to give instead of just receiving..

I had a conversation with a friend once. And when we were talking about his love life. I said, 'your lover is really fortunate to have you.' He said, :'no, I am the fortunate one.'

It got me thinking. Would someone say this if he didnt felt contentment. If he didnt felt that that was IT for him....

So, who are you?
What do you want?
What do you need...
If you are still searching, pray that the heaven will teach you to know yourself.
If you are where u are, pray that your mindset is a healthy one.
If you are always the giver, know this, you are on the right track.
If you are always the receiver, learn to give.
If you need love, give love.
If you are lonely, know that God loves you and dont fall.
If you have nothing good to say, dont say.
If you dont want something, dont do that to others.

Lets learn to give. Like a mother to a child. A teacher to a student. Jesus to humanity.
Love you Guys


Calvary said...

nice...its so true...thanks^^

Anonymous said...

*thumbs up* hagen!!!! well said :) keep going and shining for Him :P