Thursday, June 10, 2010

I just realised

I just realised there is actually so many things I have not discovered for myself with the Iphone. And omg! 4G is coming out!

Just as my old Iphone was being picked pocketed, I got my new one and 4g..........
So long since I have written anything here.. Guess its time I start writing and updating.

Been great.. busy but its all great.

Finally, our FDP magazine is coming out.. and all my friends are going to be inside.. All are called and some are chosen.. kaka..

Anyways saw Liang's advert on the Casio. Its great seeing everyone doing their best and shining for God..

Jia you la everyone..

I was walking along my old estate yesterday, and I found so much peace there. It is amazing isnt it, how sometimes we dont realise the things happening around us until we really take sometime to watch n think..

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