Thursday, November 5, 2009

What now....

Today, is probably one of the worse days.. I was being accused of things I didnt do. I was being called names and I was being crucified like Jesus on the cross.

Sometimes, when we are in certain situations, it seem so easy for others to tell us not to dwell but its truely hard to do ..

A friend once told me.. Dont worry.. everyone has past. Everyone makes mistakes.. I am here to protect and support you. I remembered the bible said.. Jesus told the people. who so ever is righteous, stone the woman to death.. And nobody did.

Do we realise, we human love to talk about others. Usually not very nice things. It seem like those juicy talks sounds more delicious than the nice words. I guess thats why we need God. People turn bad so quickly but so hard to turn back.

I want to learn to change. I wan to focus on You. Jesus, Thank you for the many good and nice people around me. Thank you for you have forgiven me of the many times I did wrong. Maybe to others its nothing, but I want to be better. You have shown me how real u are and never failed to shower ur love.. Thank you..

For people who thinks u are alone.. hey, its ok .. Jesus is always there. If you let Him, He will guide you .. Every step..

Maybe your work place, no one really mean what they say, its ok .. Jesus knows.
In class, u were being accused of something u didnt do.. its ok .. Jesus knows..
Anywhere everywhere.. Jesus is always there.. Shine for Him.. People just need time to come to their senses. Who is right n who is wrong.. thats not to our concern..

I love you Lord as u keep showing me my flause.. I wan to change.. As I may not be at fault, but I wan to be better.

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Kiroshi ivan said...

Hey Hagen, I just blogged a damn emo piece ( and I just so happen to click on your blog link on facebook. Thanks for the inspiration. Got the feeling God is answering me. Thank you!