Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Purpose.

What is our purpose in life.
Many of times we act like we are victims when it comes to problems. We start blaming the surroundings, the people, the places, the things tht had happened..
We do not wish to learn to be better.
To not stay within our own comfort zone.
We do things because we feel like doing. Not because the PURPOSE was given to us. We hold tightly of what we think is right and not what can be done in the bigger way.

So when is right to do what...
Everyone has their own opinion to everything. We stand in our shoes more than anything else. Ask ourselves. If what I can give to others is enough for them, not just us. Ask ourselves. if we have truely put in every effort to make sure everything is being planned properly.

I do not believe that God works with just the EQ or IQ. He is a God of miracles but He is also a God of Plans.

Everyone has a part to play. But is the part a long one or short, that is up to the person to work with Jesus. Nothing is easy in life. Walking with Jesus is not going to be easy unless God is our strength. To be focusing on the Aim and not the surroundings. To be able to see things in His perspective and making every step clearer.

Life to me is such, THERE MUST BE A VISION. Why some people fall easily, sowed little fruits, but why others rip alot. There sould be planning involved. There should be professional actions. There should be aims, focus and rules.

A man of vision can go far.. A man who lives life only for his bread n butter will never know what God has installed for him.. Giving is receiving.

What is right and what is wrong. Which one are u ..

Lord my God, show us our way, our path, Your VISION for us and let us know clearly, what you have installed.. Let us treat everything given to us seriously and NOT only know what our purpose truely is, but acting out in FAITH. But most importantly, let us learn to be better, to come out of our comfort zones and trust in You. You have been faithful to me as I to You. Let there be light where ever I walk. Let there be Love within decision making. Lord my God, I cannot please everyone, but You can shine through me. I cannot do things to touch hearts, but with You, all things are possible. Let me learn to be touched myself before reaching out. Let me be able to experience You more n more each day so that I can be confident in You. My life is not my own. I am Your temple. I am Your Child. Shine ..................... I love You.

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