Monday, July 20, 2009


Let's learn not to bother about the surroundings and do well in what we do..
Let's learn to Focus and make sure others don't need to worry for us..
Let's work together to understand that we trust in the Lord that He will open doors for us BUT we need to knock. We need to 争取。。。 we need to make sure that the Lord has given us Faith to be strong and not weak. To know that we can be better everytime..

It is easy to say.. I know.. It has always been the case.. But what is more important is, doing it whole heartedly. Isn't it true that if you truely have the heart to do it, you will make sure everything will be done good and well? Indeed, God sees our heart and not because of that, we don't improve..

Let us live in Him and truely life in Him

I love you Jesus

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Peixuan said...

Hi Hagen! The performance at Live house just now was great! All the best in your career! Take care & God Bless! See you soon in CHC. :D