Sunday, July 5, 2009

City Harvest 4-5 July 2009

This is the very first time I am singing 爱一直存在.. First time singing at CHC Expo.. First time working with many first timers..
什么感觉。。 Simply thankful.. It was God.. It still is..
When He is around, u see so many people got touched, got saved..
I met many nice people. Many friends. I learnt to accept and give.. To endure and love.. To share and focus on the aim..

Someone once told me.. In the entertainment, focus on those who supports u. When we eat a fish, we only take the flesh and not the bone..

What is our purpose in life.. To gain praises for ourselves or for more than just the world.
Appreciating the people that has made it happen for us.. To appreciate who God has put in our lives..

Sometimes, we meet nasty people. we meet people that misunderstands us.. That's ok.. Because time will tell. Because God is on our side.. Because true love Never fails..

I love You Jesus.. Thank you for those who r saved. Thank you for my friend who wanted to know u after so long... 爱一直存在

ps, I am sure some of u would like to see the video and pics.. endure a while k .. Bro WL is trying hard to get them for us lol

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ED said...

Hello Meng Qi!

Glad to have u at our services yesterday. The people really enjoying your singing and sharing and many thanks for joining us!

So happy to see your family members there as well!

Btw,I was the preacher at the 2pm service!