Friday, December 31, 2010

Simply Music

When was the last time we really sat down and enjoy a piece of music.. Or has it always been lady gaga?
Do you realise, the speed of out lives are probably moving so much faster than before.
Looking back at the days I was just lying in my bed, wasting my time away. Yeah, you betta believe it. I do that too.

I was in Taiwan, this is indeed a really great picture. To me at least it is.. I love the way you can just look into it and its telling me a story.
Brother Gary is truly a talent. He is also a really nice guy. Someone whom u can feel totally feel even by just having his company. His style is confident and calm. And thats truly my opposite.

We were playing I believe in You, while brother Ed took this pic. U will be surprised if I said, this was just a few seconds away from me up the stage.

I love God, I love the world god has created. The music has nothing to do with the liking, if it was not all for God..



Bettyboo said...

是的,为神而做的事才是最有意义的,才会有喜乐,I believe in U 这首歌真的很棒。。may God bless u in this new year n hope u do new songs for God..
God with U:)

Bettyboo said...

是的,为神而作的才是最有意义的,内心才会有喜乐。I Believe in U这首歌真的很棒。。may God bless u in this new year..向着目标往前冲!God with U:)