Monday, November 15, 2010


As I was watching this video. It truly touched me. For the fact that she was so brave to stand on the stage once more to sing. While she probably know, some people might start making fun of her or expect alot from her.
As usual, words were nasty, and many were more concerned about their own money and ears. Indeed, it wasnt anyones fault and probably her own to get herself into such mess. And then what?

Would we be the ones to give a hand to someone at their lowest or just there when its the peak..

It is sad isnt it. Why cant we human be a little more compassionate.

Anyways, I will always love you cos u once made many felt love simply by singing. Who can ever do that.. Afterall, your talent is given by God. He will restore..


abigail said...

so needed to hear that. thanks bro. God bless you your heart's desires. amen

caroline said...

cool.welcome u next year come 2 sibu again...期待你下次带来更多更好的诗歌,也期待你下次的作品。gambatan

abigail said...

thanks brother - reading your GRACIOUS comments bout this is a real comfort/ healing to many souls...

Anonymous said...