Saturday, November 13, 2010

Long time no see

Hey there, when was the last time I actually had sometime for myself and wrote.. Not so much about who or what, but just time really quiet and still able to enjoy n marvel at things around. When did you feel this way too..
Surely, we would be able to see things clearer when peace is still intact within the busy streets we go everyday.
Have you once took time to rest ur mind and REALLY rest? Or u just realised how difficult it is to not think about ANYTHING cos everytime u do that, the big n small will crawl into the mind leaving no room for an empty space 'of' appreciation.

Imagine us in a room. A room you just got into, without no furnitures, no color, no water, no light, nothing.. What comes into your mind in that split second. Like me, would u start thinking about what color u might want that room to be? Where the bed's gonna be, how high is the hanging light .. what theme, what style and so on..?

What do u see when u see someone in the streets waving for a cab.. What if he/she came late waving a cab right in front of u..

Life is a choice? VS In life, we make choices..

Eat Pray Love, brilliant movie. A few things caught me. There's no wrong being idealistic. Then again, if we do not enjoy the process of making (in any kind) but focus only at the end results, would u be so sure you will be happy at the end of the day?!
So it's true, when life seem so hopeless, we being helpless, is God our last resort? Have we human always been like that? Treating people like shit sometimes, taking things for granted and only when we realise how wrong we are, we throw everything to God?

The social NETWORK. This is interesting. A true story once again, made into a movie. A brilliant idea, probably many had it. But here, I've learnt that its not about the idea alone. It's a few things;

1 to strike at the right time
2 to know what others want n need
3 to be able to be the first
4 to make it new within the present
5 n so on....

So, what would u wanna be... How r u going to make it work.. Whats in ur mind, is it clear?

Anyways, I m in SIBU now. God is good. Many got saved. Well, I am truly only an instrument. For Him of course.
Let us shine for Him. Shining does not always mean being on stage. To do what u love and do it well, thats what matters.
Learn to judge less, learn to understand someone or a situation before we start commenting (if worse, bad stuff)
Learn that to be happy, it is a choice.
If a dumb can be happy with what he has, why cant you.

Contentment is not easy, its not always other's fault things dont go our way..


Emelia Ha said...

我那天在smk deshon看到的..

abigail said...

AMEN brother... thanks for encouraging sharing, timely - His presence & favour will always be with us as we continue 2 shine with Him - add oil - fighting !!! ^^

Emelia Ha said...

thank you..