Saturday, February 6, 2010


Maybe knowing her was a mistake in the first place. Maybe I was just another in her life..
Sometimes, its really sad how people only choose to believe what they want to believe. Sad indeed. Oh well. What is life.. Maybe thats why we all need God. No matter how much we say we dont care, we are gracful. We support. we dont judge.. We still do. Maybe thats why we need God.
People.. what can I say.. Anyways, its ok. I have come to realise, its not what you do. Is what you dont do.. Sometimes, its not even necessary to say anything anymore. Cos they only choose to see what they wan to see. Yes, we need God.
The thing is, she needs to survive. And its the best way for her to get what she wanted. Anyways.. its life.. Isnt it.. So what if she was not that nice afterall, Oh well, I know things you dont. But at least I dont go round gossiping about it.. Indeed, u dont know who I am talking about, and you dont need to know.

Its only a passage.. dont mind me..

God bless..

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King Yi said...

Love is when you've got someone to be with ever day,
The tender friend who'll sympathize and kiss your tears away...

Love is when that person's dreams are so much like your own,
The one who whispers special things to you and you alone...

Love is when you've got someone that you know all about,
Someone dear and wonderful you just can't live without.