Saturday, February 6, 2010

I believe in You

My friend found this and asked me to watch. I was indeed surprised, but more importantly, I am really touched. Even though some melody line was not totally right, but there was His presences. Jesus is Love, indeed, I believe in You..


Anonymous said...

Hi 孟奇,

Know about you since you joined 绝对super star many years ago. Heard about you, read briefly about you in the newspaper/magazines. Knew you write songs for some great singers but didn't know that you are a Christian too and a dedicated one. You've always been very low profile. And am really touched after reading some of your blog entries. Didn't know about the gossip between you and wenying. Well, it doesn't matter what people think about the two of you. Though it's really difficult not to care what people says, but as long as we are clear with our conscience and with God, we seriously do not need to bother. But anyway, may God bless you! Glad to have known you better.

Carolline said...

nice..but hv some melody line was not totally right.. but still very nice =)

Freelance said...

I just want to thank you for your beautiful hymns. Also, thank God for making you and giving you this talent.
We are human, we have hard time, we are weak. But thank God for walking with us and may HE holds your hand tightly and ALWAYS.
Hope you don't mind we use your song in our fellowship:)

alwin ang said...

ya~agree! so touched me too~even some melody was not right!haha~but nice~

Henry said...

Hi Hagen.
Would you be able to share the chords of I Believe in You?
I can please email me at emailme[at]