Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talking Point.

Are you a talking point or the gossiper?....

I believe everyone has 2 or more sides to them.

'Friend a said.....this person was nice and sweet, chatting like a new friend... (content too long) then the next day, the bitching came in. For no reson, the name was shown so big u cannot miss it.
When u ask why he did that, he acted innocently and said otherwise.. Until he was caught red handed, he turned into a monster.'

'Friend b said.....Someone was so pleasent and shy. Didnt seem to know how to react to new people, then realised how different and shocking he was using 2 different msn. The style of communication was as if you were talking to 2 different people. Totally not who you would have imagined.'

And it goes on...........

I have met many people along the way of my life. I have made my own mistakes and learned along the way. To realise what can be done better and reflect on the outcome.. What would you do if you were me? To give others another chance or to crucify him like anyone else crucifying Jesus on the cross. Of course some might say, provided he/she has to learn. But who are you to judge. Are you a peace maker or a follower to create chaos..

I have always liked to look t the good side of others first. To trust and believe who they really are first hand. Indeed I was wrong. Everyone is different, maybe got hurt too much, maybe insecure, maybe just simply playful, or more.. So who can u trust, who to believe... what should you do to make urself a happier person? To tg along or move on.. to hurt others or fight back..

My God says, dont yoke with the unrighteous.. Oh well, I learn to accept, and I am still learning to protect myself. I am not good at that. Mum alway teaches me to give. When you have a bigger heart, all these would not matter. Not because you dont bother, but because you know why they do what they do.. I LOVE YOU is hard to say, but SORRY is the hardest.. How many will truely realise what they do is wrong.. How many will come to realise their mistakes and change. Do you manipulate truth or do you manipulate other's feelings. Do you say things because of others or yourself.. Do you think what you say would make someone a better person or just because you think so its right. Do you love urself more than anything else or you are sincerely greatful with life. So much so little time.. so what is right and what is wrong.. Do you go over board............

Trust in the Lord. Only Jesus is the key to our every question..

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