Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hi Guys

Hi Guys, hows everyone? Been awhile since I wrote anything. Finally, 4 beautiful songs out soon. I am glad everything is done. I gave my all, my best. Do support the soundtrack and the movie when its out! I am very sure you will like it.

Do you know that to be doing these 4 songs.... so much had to be done, thought, put into? The time, the feelings, the communications.. so much........

R u the type to do things as it comes, or you plan? The beauty of working in a group is, you grow together. You learn, you forgive and you move on. U strive for the best together. U feel like killing each other but when it is all done, you realise it is simply brilliant.

Things happen for reasons. I love you my Lord. I always will...
Lord, true strength comes from U. U made everything possible because U never fail to give. U never break ur promises. U r never late.

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