Friday, March 25, 2011

Album 3 2 1 Answer

Hey guys, so, what's new you may ask. Well, to be honest, there's too much I don't know where to start.

Life is indeed very interesting and unpredictable. Isn't it.

Flew to the UK, back to Korea and then Taiwan. A-crossed the ocean to Indonesia just for fun haha and then bla bla bla..

I am in Singapore for awhile now. Then, I realize it's actually happening! 321 Answer. My launch this week. Ha. Much was written on the mags, thanks and then it's radio and all. I am truly grateful how when you do some stuff and then you realize there are actually many people who are really nice and supportive. Of course, there are those who r 'too free' and got nothing else better to do than to make things difficult. Anyways, this is my blog and my words. I am just me. What for post something that's not me.

Once, someone told me, isn't it very tiring to be someone else? My answer was, it's even harder to be yourself. To be yourself, it takes even more courage cos usually, people tend to blend in. But why blend in when you can stand out. Yeah, I haven't watched that cartoon but yup I agree.

Have always been someone with my own set of mind. Someone who thinks in 'i guess' a different way. Well, I am sure some may say, I also what! Well, yeah. but that's not what I meant. Being yourself is NOT to be yourself and heck care. To be someone, or no one, which would you choose...

It's seriously not about the fame like lady gaga. It's the MESSAGE. Take all the temporaries away, what's left.
Yeah, I guess I am truly blessed and very lucky to have found it when I was very little. Have we really counted our blessings, or always complaining.

U know. Thoughts are never going to happen if we keep them inside. PROVIDED they are meaningful and just. If not, don't make a fool out of urself. Believing is the key to success. Learning to change is the journey not to regret.

What would you wanna be when you grow up. Funny I asked? When will you grow up then....
Do you think everyone is who they are? So deep but true. Would you wear your undies out on the streets?
Can you really love yourself enough to know how to love someone unconditionally?
What ever it is. This world is full of energy but some may say, it's not showing it's full potential. Totally agree.
U know what, someone somewhere over the rainbow said this to me before. Oh, it's easy to say hard to do.
Tell this to a very successful man. He would probably think to himself (but just smile) grow up kid!
Laziness is seriously one of the main substance to self destruction. Don't you think so.
Ok, I'll make it simple for you. Why r u fat? Cos you rather eat and eat and eat and eat and eat than go out for a jog. Right?
Well, that's my mum's style there for you. (very direct)
Hey, what you want me to do? Act like the prince charming that's gonna only pitch you the beautiful stuff?
Nah, I believe in working hard and Smart.

Ignorant is bliss.

Lastly, this is not a lecture. It is not an insult. It is definitely not a complain or anything negative. It is just my thoughts as I have been through them before.

A kid is to be TOLD OFF and WORKED ON, a matured person is to be WORKED FOR.

Think about it.
Which one are you.

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