Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Learn n Grow

Staying in Vietnam for these days made me realised how fortunate we r in Singapore. For every few hours, in Vietnam, the lights will go, water will stop. Not for long, but what if u were doing something really important.
We were invited to Vietnam by Auntie Ngnn and Daniel.

Sometimes, dont u think its so wonderful and facinating how people meet people.. That we experience many different ways of life and that people can be so different but similar in many ways.

eyes closing.. type tomorrow.. Love you guys.. heres 2 paintings I did in Vietnam. Hope u like it ..


Suki said...

just discovered your music and your talent. May God continues to bless you and keep you!


hey, this comment isn't about vietnam, but i just wanted to say hi because i somehow stumbled upon some of your songs and interviews online. i'm really encouraged by your faith to wait and rest in God even when things were difficult and not smooth. thank you for your transparency and for sharing your heart for God. i'm sad i didn't learn about you earlier! so, thanks for encouraging me and reminding me of God's promises and goodness. and for great music as well! =) God bless.