Monday, April 20, 2009


Went Chinatown to get some clothings.. then me and my friend was so crazy.. Got ourselves a tatoo each on the arm.. Oh well, its all gone now, cos thanks to myself.. Too careless with the bathing as it is FAKE lol.. I think the indians were really clever.. Just with the air brush, you can earn money.. How creative.. Good job it didnt cause pain..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is love

So, it's been a long time since I have written much in my blog.. Been really busy with my work, song writing and all ..
Oh well, so has anyone really thought about what LOVE truely mean. Watched 17 again recently, somethings were shown quite well in that movie which has obviously made one think that having what you have will be great happiness when we have contentment.

Then you see an advertisment, not to sure if any has come across. Its about family. The little things we missed only when the person is gone..

Once, Pastor Rony shared about being in love and loving your wife.. I thought about what he said and it was truely a blessing from him.

So who can really truely be in love with someone for a very long period of time without feeling shitty at times? I guess not. And how do we know if that person is going to be with you forever. We dont.. But.. what can be done to make sure things dont go wrong..

I love to sit and watch people do things. The way different people react to the same issues in life. So differently handled.. So who is right and who is wrong.

We go to school and the teacher teaches us the things we have to learn. Even though many will follow.. a few will obviously think out of the box.. Wondering if there will be another answer for 1+1. I am one of them.

I tend to learn from experiences and its good and bad. The good part, you feel and be more confident everytime u get out of the mess. The bad.. well, u just need to keep falling and banging ur head. Sometimes, I wonder why am I being built in such a way. Should I be like everyone else. Those who care so little for others and responsibility doesnt seem to be in its dictonary.

The world has so much more to give. So much more to blind people. So messy that we sometimes feel that the truth is actually false hopes.

What would you do to be a better person. To learn that 1 is for one and there is no turning back?! How would you handle the life you are in with the one you love.. Should there be just anyone for everyone or there is really the one and only. Would you know what are the limits not only for you to understand but ur other party too so that he/she will not have to worry unnecessarily.. What can be done. so that we will not grow old alone and regret the things we did or did not do well..

Learn from mistakes.. be happy..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love my neighbours..

Liang Wen Ying

Before going there. I was so excited to meet her because she is a christian and her next album might have songs written by me.

Heard that she went to the bookstore to look for my album and she managed to get my album even anything else happened.

Then, the show went on.. I was still there.. So wanted to go home.. cos I felt so old.. (even though there were some older people around.. hehe)

Then its time to go up to give her her birthday gifts.. I was queing like a silly person.. Felt so silly and stupid.. Never have I done that before.. OMG! And then, even before I said much, she knew who I was. As she was sick (so was I) they were only allowed to give the presents but not photo taking. She was so sweet to ask for a pic with me..

I gave her a CareBear. (Pink) one. My favorite bears when I was younger.

Just before I left. The greatest gift was her five words. 上帝祝福你。。。 AMEN

PS. support the child of God..