Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hey Guys.. Hows everyone...

Sorry for not blogging for so long. I have been working on the next album which will hopefully be out in December. The same Jesus, mighty and great, and a new way of Praise and Worship. (dont forget to support.. mentally, financially and spiritually)

I work in a pace so quick sometimes I cannot even contain myself. I have learnt to slow down too. If you know me well, I am quite a 'contrast'. It was either black or white, true or false, right or wrong, heaven or hell. Choose! Isn't it suppose to be this way. Oh well, I am sure you feel the same way too. As we grow older, our perspectives change. We learn to give n take, to prioritize.. ok.. sometimes. Anyways, whats life all about if the goal is the only thing we seek to aim for but not enjoy the journey on the way.

Whats the difference between a miracle and being God urself.. Have you met people who will always tell you things like.. wait upon the Lord.. Its not the right time. Maybe God does not want this for you.. etc.. Some might also say things so strongly to change ur thoughts here n there. Then, how do you differentiate whats right n wrong.. I truely believe everyone is accountable only to its own actions and life. Will you be full up if someone eat for you..

I remembered when my mum was sick, she was indeed weak and almost unable to do anything. My auntie asked her to the miracle service and in 8 months, she was healed of her cist. It sounds so unbelievable isn't it. But what is going on within those times before the miracle took placed. Have we ever wondered? Its almost like watching a movie.. reading a book, listening to a piece of music. We complain saying.. eee er,, how can this person even have an album, so awful.. How come this, how come that.
My point is this.. everything has a journey before we get to our goals. For me, I know that god have given me a vision.. I am not perfect either, I am only a human. But if we can learn to work together, it will be much more easier. What rewards would u have helping a rich person but rather someone who really needs help. What achievement would you get, if you are just another tag along. Its easy, yes.. but its just one of the others...

I know, mum was praying, trusting the God she believed in. As the bible says, seek and u will find.. It didnt say dont seek, you sure find.. dont ask n it will be given.. did it? So, what is a miracle. I believe that one should understand clearly what is our purpose in life, why we do what we do. How do we get there and who do we work with.

Have you met people saying things like.. I thought I knew who he was but now, I totally feel like a stranger.. Have you met people who are just so surface.. they can say almost anything to you like I love you.. In 2 DAYS !!! OMG! whats that? What is love.. Do we know what Love truely is? Have you met people who are so nice in front of you but when something bad happens, he/she disappears or turn nasty..

My take, learn to know, everyone is imperfect. People who thinks they are perfect, we leave it, it doesnt mean they r not nice, just not well experienced. forgive them. People who turn sour, they are probably just hurt and cant see things eye to eye with us.. Calm down, Pray.
People who hurt us in a way or the other, ask this question. What would you do if you were that person. Would you have done the same.

I have been a pain in the ass along the way. I fall and I learn.. What about you..

Impossible is nothing..

Lets learn to forgive and have a compassion heart. Especially to people who are really hard to love.

Hot topic, Ris Low, what have you to say about her...
If you ask me, indeed, the youtubes are funny. You even have her voice remixed into songs. Then what next? Are these things we should be working on? Whats life about man .. making fun of someone? Wasting time on watching TV as our main focus in life. Taking advantage of those who r already helpless..
Have we asked ourselves, what if that was you or your family member. Arnt we all trying so hard just to fit in.. She might turn out weird, but at least she had a purpose and focus.

I want to learn to help, to choose the right things to do. Its better doing the right thing than doing the things right only. Why hog on something wrong and try making it right. Will we ever get there.

So who is our mentor. Who can guide us. What is the right path..
There is no right path. there is THE WAY.. Jesus. But remember this.. Jesus didnt say dont knock and the door will be opened. I trust we are all smart enough to understand that..

Love you guys..

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