Sunday, August 2, 2009


So.............. hows everyone..

Yup, too busy recently even to write something on my blog.. That does not mean I am not following the messages u guys put.. :)

Still in Taiwan. Went to Taoyuan last week to do live house. Went with my NLC mates. Were nice, was great because it felt like home.. It felt like a family.

Anyways....... how many times in our lives can we truely meet people who are really sincere and true :) Have we been true to others too..

I come to realise, indeed, human cannot live alone, we need people around us. We need to communicate, we need to work something out here n there. But what is ok and what is too over..

Before, we tend to get hurt easily and then we hurt others unintentionally because we fear of the feeling. Then, we are being taught to stand out of the ring and not feel it as if we were not the main casts..

What now? We do this too often that we num ourselves and think that it is ok. We reject every problem and cut it out by faith.

I believe in God. I believe in healing. And I believe in doing. I learn to let go, I learn to focus on Jesus because He will make everything work.

Thoughts are thoughts. Let Jesus be the Key to every impossible..

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